Leisure, culture and gastronomy

Proposals for all tastes!

In Andorra it's not all skiing, snow and sports... It's also a shopping paradise! With a street of 2 km of shops where you can find the best brands in the world, with the best prices,

Andorra will delight tourists who love shopping!

And what better than after a long day of shopping, having the chance to relax in the largest thermal spa in southern Europe? Get to know Caldea and all the services it has to offer. Caldea is much more than a spa!

For the most foodies, Andorra is also a good option, since there you can find a wide range of gastronomy for all kinds of tastes and palates, whether for those who love oriental food, or for those who want to discover authentic Andorran gastronomy. linked to the mountain and with influences from the countries with which it borders, Spain and France.

Finally, if what interests you is the world of art, Andorra also offers you interesting proposals... Find several art galleries and exhibition halls spread throughout the country and discover renowned national and international artists... Are you going to lose?

Discover everything that the Principality of Andorra has to offer you at all times of the year!

Leisure, culture and gastronomy
Leisure, culture and gastronomy Leisure, culture and gastronomy